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Women's Socks

Soft, sustainable and warm. Our collection of women’s organic socks are made from sumptuously soft bamboo, organic cotton and warming wool – let your feet do a happy dance!


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From the exploitation of workers, to the use of toxic chemicals and water pollution, fast fashion is far from sustainable. At andkeep.com we offer a collection of clothing that is ethically sourced, mindfully produced and created with longevity and comfort in mind. Thought Clothing produce incredibly soft and durable socks and tights for women, as well as a number of other men’s and women’s clothing. From the fabrics they use, to how they design and deliver their garments, Thought Clothing are dedicated to minimising their footprint on the environment. If you’re looking for a pair of sustainable trainer socks, organic no-show socks, warming, natural tights, or a gift box of colourful socks, then this collection will see you straight. Women's bamboo socks are breathable, naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Bamboo learns quickly, helping to cool you down or warm you up. Silky soft to the touch, bamboo and organic cotton socks are comfortable to wear and kind to the planet. Whether you want plain socks or colourful ones to jazz up an outfit, we stock the best women's bamboo socks. Our range of organic women's socks come in single pairs, packs of 2 or packs of 3. We also sell natural, organic women's socks in a themed sock bag - ideal for travelling or giving a gift to someone special. These socks make big steps towards sustainability thanks to their plant friendly fabric that keeps toes comfy and cosy.