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Little Book of FixIts

Meet your new household essential!

We believe FixIts is the fastest material around for repairing, creating and modifying your stuff.

Break free from our throw away culture and show your stuff a little love, you’ll be amazed at how much you can fix when you put a little time & thought into it.

Save Money | Save Waste | Save the Planet

To help you learn more about this magical material we’ve made this little crash course booklet for you.

Check it out and see how simple it is to get fixing; we’ve even included a few quick fixes to get you warmed up.

Don’t bin it when you can FixIts!


FixIt Idea's



The Frayed Fix 

Who isn’t fed up of their cables fraying? With FixIts you can wrap that cable up and reinforce it so that it lasts longer. Did you know that electronic waste is one of the biggest contributors to landfill!

Step 1: Heat a section of your FixIts stick for 60 seconds or until the softened.

Step 2: Pinch off what you need from the now softened section of FixIts.

Step 3: Carefully wrap the FixIts around the cable ensuring an even distribution.

Step 4: Whilst FixIts is still warm, dip your finger in water and smooth the surface lightly as it cools.

Please note: Do not perform on any electrical wire that is plugged in/live. Ensure FixIts has fully cooled and hardened before use. FixIts is electrically insulating but we advise you do not use FixIts on electrics with more than 24 volts. Do not use FixIts on electrical objects that will heat up beyond 60ºC/140ºF.


The Wobble Repair

Its so annoying when you’ve got a wobbly chair or table. You could fold up some paper & put it under a leg but it’s not going to fix it forever. A blob of FixIts and 5 minutes later the problem is fixed for good.

Step 1: Heat FixIts for 60 seconds or until the softened and pinch off what you need.

Step 2: Lift up the leg or area that’s causing the wobble and place the FixIts blob under it.

Step 3: Slowly lower the leg or area down onto the FixIts blob without adding any additional pressure.

Step 4: Without applying pressure down onto the FixIts, smooth and shape the blob until it has fully hardened.

Please note: Only do this on a hard floor or surface. If you place molten FixIts on carpet or fabric it will wrap around all the fibres and bond to it. Wait until it has hardened before moving from a solid surface to a carpeted surface. For the best results ensure FixIts has something to grip/wrap around on the bottom, a rough surface, or a protruding screw for example.


The Zip Problem

Zip pulls always seem to break out of nowhere. Whether it's the thin piece of metal snapping or the plastic cover splitting and coming off, make a new one with just a paperclip and some FixIts

Step 1: Thread a paper clip through the zip’s loop and test to see it can pull without breaking.

Step 2: Heat a section of your FixIts stick for 60 seconds or until the softened.

Step 3: Pinch off what you need from the now softened section of FixIts.

Step 4: Wrap FixIts around the paperclip’s bottom three quarters, smooth and let it cool.

Please note: If it’s just the plastic that’s split and come off of a metal tag, then you can simply mould over the metal tag instead of using a paperclip.


The Bike Tinkerer 

Bicycles are often thrown about, especially in the city, and whilst you’re going from A to B, sometimes things break or come off. Repair or replace those little issues & make your stuff more unique!

Step 1: Heat FixIts for 60 seconds or until the softened and pinch off what you need.

Step 2: With the valve closest to the ground gently form the blob around the top and sides of the thread.

Step 3: Gently smooth the FixIts with your finger and the leave to cool and tighten around the thread.

Step 4: Once FixIts has fully cooled down, slowly untwist the cap to finish forming the thread, before screwing it back on again.

Please note: When doing a fix with a screw thread please allow extra time for the inside of FixIts to cool down before trying to unscrew. If still molten then the thread won’t form properly and you’ll have to retry.


The Game Maker

Nothing worse than missing pieces to your favourite board game. With FixIts you can quickly create permanent replacements and get back to competing with your friends. Make It, Play It!

Step 1: Heat as much FixIts as you need for 60 seconds or until the softened.

Step 2: Pinch off what you need from the now softened FixIts and start shaping pieces.

Step 3: Combine smaller pieces together to form bigger or more complex pieces by heating joining surfaces until molten, before sticking them together.

Step 4 Dip combined pieces in hot water to soften the surface and then smooth with your finger to finish.

Please note: Whilst FixIts is non toxic and will pose no threat if swallowed, creating small pieces from FixIts can become a choking hazard, please keep small pieces you create away from young children. 



Is FixIts a glue?

FixIts is not a glue, it is a reusable bioplastic! FixIts will not bond to smooth materials such as glass but it does bond really well to some materials such as fabric. It does this by wrapping around the small fibres whilst softened and once hardened FixIts will have bonded! It also forms a strong but non permanent bond to a few plastics (like a really strong grip) so we always suggest trying fixits on a small sample first.

How do I dispose of FixIts?

Before disposal we recommend reheating and reusing FixIts on another project. If you do decide that it’s time that FixIts was decomposed, first remove as much as you can from the existing application by reheating. Then place in your garden waste collection bin where your waste services will take it to an industrial composting site to compost.

Can FixIts only be heated by water?

No, you can also heat up FixIts using hot air from a hair dryer for example. We usually use kettle boiled water to heat FixIts and then do more detailed work with a hairdryer when trying to use small amounts of FixIts or use it in thin pieces.

Where are FixIts made?

FixIts are manufactured and packed in the UK. They are currently transitioning all packaging to paper products sourced from within the UK too. 

Is FixIts Electrically insulating?

Yes, FixIts is an insulator of electricity. It has a poor electrical conductivity with a value of 3.76 x 10-7 ohms-1 cm-1. We don’t recommend using FixIts on electrical cables above 24 volts, so stick to small consumer electronics. Please don’t use FixIts in any scenario with electricity where the temperature will cause FixIts to soften again exposing live wires.

What is the shelf life of FixIts?

FixIts doesn’t have a shelf life. It’ll always be ready for you to fix with. It’s endlessly reusable so use as much as you want and save the rest for later, or reheat existing uses and turn them into something new whenever you want.

Can you mix colours together?

FixIts colours can be mixed together when in their softened states. You can partially mix them and create a nice marbled pattern (this is particularly nice with black and white) or you can keep mixing them until you create a new colour. If you want to give FixIts a specific colour you can always paint on it using acrylic paints.

How big is each FixIts stick?

Each FixIts stick is 150mm x 16mm x 4mm and weighs approximately 10 grams - one FixIts stick goes a long way!