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Bamboo Toothbrush Stand - Children's


Bamboo Toothbrush Stand - Children's

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Simple & stylish bamboo toothbrush stand

This super-cute bamboo toothbrush stand, featuring a panda design, is the perfect way to store your child's bamboo toothbrush in your eco-friendly bathroom. They will love brushing their teeth!

Featuring a small hole in the base, they help to make sure your bamboo toothbrush is well ventilated between uses. It is important to ventilate and let your bamboo toothbrushes air dry in order to stop them developing mould (they are an organic substance), especially as most bathrooms tend to get hot and damp.

As bamboo is a natural organic product, it is completely biodegradable. Once your toothbrush stand has reached the end of its life, you can simply place it in the compost and it will biodegrade.

  • FSC Certified Moso bamboo
  • Biodegradable, sustainable & zero waste
  • Recyclable kraft packaging

Care Instructions: Do not allow toothbrush holder to sit in water, ensure drainage hole in the base is kept clean and clear

Size: 4cm height x 3.8cm outer circumference. 1.5cm inner circumference

Wild & Stone started with a personal quest to find a non-plastic toothbrush for their daughter. So they made their own! Their products have been sourced and created in a conscious way, creating minimal social and environmental impacts on their journey from raw materials to the consumer. Their products are bespoke and have been adapted over time based on testing and customer feedback.


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