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Compostable Garden Waste Paper Bags


Compostable Garden Waste Paper Bags

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Plastic free garden waste bags made from waste pulp - 100% compostable and they stand up

These 75 litre extra strong garden waste bags come in packs of 5. The 2-ply full wet strength paper with a flat base sit squarely on the ground making it even easier to fill with your garden waste. 

Made from 100% kraft paper and produced from the wasted pulp and trimmings from the timber industry. Four trees are planted for every tree harvested 🌳

Key features:

  • 75 litre bags
  • Flat base
  • 2-ply full wet strength paper
  • Made in Europe
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made from waste wood pulp
  • Home compostable

Size: 80cm x 60cm x 25cm

Quantity: 5 x 75 litre bags 


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