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Cotton Buds

A simple swap, but a great step towards a plastic-free bathroom. Bamboo and cotton buds are entirely made of organic, natural and sustainable materials which means they are biodegradable too. A sustainable, plastic-free alternative to standard cotton buds.



Plastic cotton bud sticks make up 30% of UK beach litter which kill marine animals and can take more than 600 years to biodegrade. Because many of them are flushed down the toilet (not recommended!) they easily pass through sewage treatment systems, polluting our oceans and proving lethal to marine and wild life who often mistake the plastic for food. That is why eco, zero waste, biodegradable bamboo and cotton swab alternatives are the best choice.

Eco-friendly bamboo and cotton buds can be disposed of in the organic waste, bin or compost and are 100% recyclable. Choose from a pack of 100, 200 or 400. Whether you're removing makeup, disinfecting a wound or using them for arts and crafts, our range of bamboo and cotton buds will give you peace of mind that you're not adding to the plastic pollution problem our world is currently facing. What's more, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antifungal so they are a great addition to your plastic-free first aid kit. Our collection of plastic free cotton buds are handpicked to be kind to our planet. A variety of pack sizes are available across our range of Bambaw and Hydrophil Cotton Buds however, we are so passionate about your bathrooms being plastic-free that we have created our very own &Keep bamboo cotton buds that come in a lovely box made from recycled cardboard. Say 'no' to plastic and make the simple swap to plastic-free cotton buds today.