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Natural Deodorants

Whether you’re concerned about exposure to aluminium found in antiperspirants, or you're intrigued about the benefits of natural deodorant, switching to natural deodorant has never been so easy with our range of plastic free products guaranteed to keep you fresh.



A lot of people who have been used to shop bought antiperspirants are now transitioning to natural deodorant. This is partly to do with a desire to escape controversial ingredients like aluminium that blocks your pores and prevents the body from sweating. This can be harmful because it stops the natural removal of toxins and salts from the body that can then build up and create rashes and skin irritation. Another reason to choose natural deodorants is that they are plastic free, making them kind to the planet as well as your skin.

Environmentally friendly, natural deodorants work in harmony with your body, allowing it to sweat out natural toxins, whilst neutralising odours. Many of our natural deodorants use organic and vegan ingredients that are gentle to your skin. We stock brands like Earth Conscious, Funky Soap, Scence, Salt of the Earth and Awake Organics. 

Our organic natural deodorant collection includes a variety of different scents and fragrances as well as cruelty-free and vegan deodorants. You won’t find SLS, parabens, aluminium or carcinogens in any of these deodorants. Instead, you can explore a range derived from coconut oil, shea butter, natural wax and essential oils. This collection is for anyone inspired to use plastic free deodorants. From balms to sticks and even deodorant crystal, there is something to suit everyone in this collection.

It may take around 30 days for your body to fully transition when you start using environmentally friendly, natural deodorant. You will need to get used to your body's natural response to heat - sweat. We've been conditioned to think that it isn't normal to sweat, but actually it is a sign of a healthy, balanced body. Make the switch to natural deodorant that is ethical, plastic-free, vegan and smells great. Zero waste without compromising on quality.