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Hair Styling & Treatment

Style your hair the natural way with our eco-friendly, planet kind hair styling products all available in plant-based or reusable packaging.


Whether you want to nourish your hair or keep it in place, our range of eco-friendly hair styling products contain 100% plant-based ingredients and are completely free from chemicals that can damage your hair as well as the planet. Argan oil, avocado oil, ginger and Icelandic moss are just some of the ingredients that go into our range of eco-friendly hair styling products. They are all picked to nourish, protect and enhance natural hair shine without the heaviness commonly associated with regular hair styling products. All of the products in our hair styling range are palm oil free as well as cruelty-free. They are, of course, also not tested on animals so they are ideal for vegans. Our Moo eco hair styling products are 96% biodegradable and come in a fully recyclable glass bottle with a reusable and recyclable spray pump. Naturally effective alternatives to chemical-based hair styling products are not only great for the world in which we live, they also don't have the stickiness and residue, making them more moisturising and full of nutrients that your hair craves. All of our eco hair styling products are plastic-free, organic and suitable for people with sensitive skin and scalps. Our Green People eco-friendly hair styling products come in fully recyclable, renewable sugar cane packaging. All of the eco-friendly hair styling products in our range are sustainable, nourishing and free from parabens, sulfates and synthetics. They are suitable for all hair types and won't leave your hair feeling weighed down and lacklustre because their natural ingredients are picked to protect and enhance the natural shine of your hair.