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Household Brushes, Dish Cloths & Wipes

Discover natural fibre replacements for your plastic based dish scourers, washing up sponges and scrubbing brushes. Our collection gives you eco-friendly household brushes, dishcloths and wipes from brands such as Ecococonut, Redecker, Bambaw and LoofCo.



Many commercial cleaning products contain plastic, but you can free yourself from sponges, scourers and J-cloths with a wealth of plastic-free alternatives. From washable and reusable bamboo wipes to replace kitchen roll, to biodegradable dishcloths, you can find eco-friendly alternatives made from materials like bamboo, coconut, sisal, cellulose, organic cotton and coir fibre. Making plastic-free swaps is simple when you have alternatives at hand, and at &Keep we work hard to ensure we offer you plastic-free products that are reliable, durable, and stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for a new dish or bottle brush, or would like to start using eco washing up sponges, pads and scrubbers, perhaps now is the time to ditch single-use, plastic cleaning products for good.