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Keep Leaf

Keep Leaf products are designed to support a sustainable lifestyle, whilst also making sure going green is fun and looks great.  The range includes insulated lunch bags, reusable sandwich baggies and food wraps.


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Keep Leaf embodies modern, stylish products designed to last. Their collection of reusable, eco-friendly food wraps, bags and lunch boxes is made with the whole family in mind, as well as our wonderful planet. All products are made in a modern, clean and family owned facility, using reusable, organic and sustainable products and materials. Reusable food storage is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable and single use plastic options. Keep Leaf products are ideal for sandwiches, snacks, travel and cupboard storage. They feature a 100% cotton exterior with a waterproof liner to help keep food fresh for longer. The velcro closure keeps food secure, but easy to access. The products can be hand washed, but are also washing machine and dishwasher safe. Keep Leaf believes that you do not have to compromise on quality and style to observe responsible, sustainable practices and their range of speciality reusable products are premium quality, modern, chic, easy to use and well priced. They are also all free from lead, phthalates and BPA. The factory that produces the Keep Leaf baggies is fully committed to being part of The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) - a ground-breaking alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations. They work in partnership to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable workers across the globe who make or grow consumer goods. With less toxins and wastage going into our landfills and soil, by buying Keep Leaf you can help make the world a greener place for generations to come.