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Pet Bowls

Even your four-legged friends can be sustainable with our range of plastic-free pet bowls. From everyday bowls to collapsible travel bowls, we have everything your furry family member needs to stay fed and hydrated without creating a carbon 'paw' print. 


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Designed to be both eco-friendly and functional, our range of pet bowls are made of a sustainable bamboo material blended with rice husk that will last for years in the home before naturally decomposing at the end of their long life. Available in a range of colours, all created using natural food dyes, these pet bowls are suitable for water as well as different types of food. They come in various sizes to suit different breeds of dog so whether you have a Chihuahua or a Golden Retriever, you'll find the perfect fit.  All of our eco-friendly dog bowels are dishwasher safe, but a low temperature is recommended. Our flat pack dog bowls are ideal for when you and your pooch are on the move. Made from flexible and hardwearing food grade BPA free silicone, this bowl is built to last. Our eco-friendly travel bowls pop out with a flick and flattens down easily when your dog is finished eating or drinking. It also has grippy handles so you can pick it up easily. Made in the most sustainable way possible, our pet bowls are exactly what any eco-friendly household needs. If you love your dog and the planet then our plastic-free pet bowls need to be on your shopping list.