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Reusable Wipes

Minimise waste a prevent plastic pollution with reusable organic wipes that clean your face and your home. 



Our reusable wipes and plastic-free kitchen towels are all washable, reusable, strong and long lasting making them the perfect replacement for commercial disposable wipes. We stock a fantastic range of eco, reusable wipes from eco friendly brands such as Tabitha Eve, Bambaw, Ecoegg and EcoBees. Whether you need organic cotton exfoliating cloths for your face or reusable and washable multi-purpose wipes, we have a plastic-free product to suit. In this day and age there is a wipe for everything - baby wipes, kitchen wipes, face wipes and even wipes that clean your toilet. By switching to an eco-friendly, reusable option you will not only cut down on waste, but you will cut out plastic from the key rooms in your home - your kitchen and bathroom. They are two notoriously plastic filled rooms so reusable wipes help you to get your face and your home squeaky clean, without adding to the problem of plastic pollution. The reusable wipes solution is one that we should all consider. You can wash your wipes by hand or pop them into the washing machine, killing all bacteria and gently removing stains. Made from naturally antibacterial and antifungal bamboo, as well as organic cotton, reusable wipes are kind to your skin as well as the planet and are suitable for the whole family. Vegan and versatile, reusable wipes are a multi-purpose product that your home shouldn't be without.