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So Cosy

So Cosy began life with no name, on a market stall in Spitalfields. It soon became obvious that Rimsky (a former fashion designer and pattern cutter) and Vilija had an amazing product. People just loved their beautiful, luxurious blankets made only from the finest alpaca, merino and sheep wools. Comments like 'the softest blanket I've ever felt' and 'it's like I'm being cuddled - it's so warm' fuelled the passion within them.

“We have always been, and always will be, an ethical brand. We believe in keeping the manufacture of our pure alpaca throws within Peru to help the local economy. We only use natural dyes to colour our products. We use only natural fibres and can assure you that all our products will last for many years to come.”

Why we love them: The blankets are super soft and super cosy. They keep the production of alpaca blankets (a natural fibre) within Peru - keeping alive their traditional native crafts using their native pets.


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