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Turtle Bags

Versatile, compact and most importantly, reusable! Turtle Bags produce some of the finest alternatives to single-use plastic bags. Tough, strong and durable, their string bags are essential for anyone looking to reduce their plastic footprint.


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We love Turtle Bags for their fantastic reusable string bags. You just can't go wrong with a classic and these beauties come in an array of different colours. They even make a small string bag for kids! Not only are these bags incredibly hard wearing, but they pack down small so they can fit inside your coat pocket, handbag or glove box, ready to carry impromptu shopping as well as your fruit and veg. Since the 5p carrier bag charge came in, the UK has seen their usage plummet by more than 86%. That’s an incredible feat and a clear sign that thousands of you are heading to the supermarkets armed with your own reusable string bags. If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time and boasts a classic design aesthetic, then Turtle Bags are a sure winner. It’s worth pointing out that Turtle Bags are named as such to raise awareness around ocean plastics and the poor leatherback turtles who mistake floating carrier bags for their favourite food – jellyfish. ​Turtle Bags work with their fair trade partners, who share the same environmental values as them, to supply planet-friendly bags that will help us all choose a more sustainable alternative to the super polluting plastic bag. These eco-friendly string bags are super retro, organic and come in either long or short handle options. Find your new favourite string bag today with Turtle Bags.