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Ecoffee Softtail Tall Reusable Insulated Bottle - 500ml

£15.95 £17.99

Ecoffee Softtail Tall Reusable Insulated Bottle - 500ml

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£15.95 £17.99

Ecoffee insulated stainless steel water bottle - choose to reuse

This stainless steel insulated Hot/Cold re-useable bottle is both useful and beautiful: a design classic for our times.

The Softtail insulated bottle comes in 2 stunning Ecoffee colours - which one to choose! It has a silver steel topped lid and a handy silicone carry loop. There is also a disc of silicone on the bottle of the bottle to provide a non-slip base.


  • Keeps drinks hot or cold for 12 hours
  • Double walled for insulated comfort
  • Rubberised anti-slip base
  • Unique silicone carry strap
  • Stunning high resolution image

Size: 22.5cm high, 3.5cm mouth width, 6.8cm base width

Weight: 286g

Care: Clean the bottle before use and regularly, by hand washing in warm soapy water. Rinse all parts and allow to fully dry. Staining or scaling can be removed using baking soda or a mix of hot water and vinegar. Clean exterior with a soft, damp sponge and rub dry.

Do not use abrasive materials. To avoid scratching do not store near keys, coins or sharp items

To prolong insulation, pre-warm or pre-cool before filling. When filling with hot liquid, allow to cool for 3 minutes before putting the lid on. Not recommended for acidic, sugary or carbonated drinks as this can damage the interior.

The silicone carry strap is designed for occasional carrying and not hanging or swinging. It may break if used incorrectly. 

Do not use with infant milk or dairy products. Do not use with ice cubes.

Do not put in the dishwasher. Do not microwave.


Ecoffee believe in taking responsibility for everything they create, that’s why they have closed the loop with Terracycle to ensure none of their product components end up as part of the consumer waste culture that they set out to help tackle. You can return all elements of their product (packaging, broken cup or silicone components) to Ecoffee to be commercially recycled or re-purposed into a new Ecoffee Cup (coming soon).


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